Tely Junior Golf Tour

What you should know before your first event

1. Counting.  Players should keep track of their score on a hole as they play the hole. That is, when the hole is finished and players are leaving the putting green they should not be turning around and counting 1, 2, 3, etc. They should know their score at any point during the play of the hole. And, the player's current score includes any penalty strokes. "Whiffs" count as strokes! Players should try to keep track of the scores of other players in their group also.

2. Informing marker.  Each player is the marker for another player. Scores should be announced as soon as each hole is completed. The marker should not wait for a couple of holes and record two at a time. The marker should not have to ask. But if the score is not volunteered the marker should ask the player. The marker should not write down what he/she thinks is the correct score.

3. Scorecard. Keep the player's score on the bottom and your own score on the top (tear-away). The player and/or marker must not sign for a score that one of them knows is incorrect. Discuss the situation as soon as possible but no later than in the scoring tent. Signing for a score lower than taken can lead to disqualification.

4. Golf is played on the "honour system". Players are required and assumed to be honest. However, each player is also responsible for other players. This is called "protecting the field". If something seems wrong it should be discussed and resolved.

5. Etiquette. On the putting green you should not stand directly behind other players while they are putting. Nor should you stand in their line beyond the hole. Stand off to one side. Same goes for shots from off the green including the teeing area. While another player is making a stroke, a player should not be moving, talking or making noise.

6. Practice Ready Golf. Among other things, this means you should be ready to play when it is your turn. For example, if another player is making a stroke and you will be next to play, try to get as close to your ball as you can safely get without being a distraction or endangering yourself.

7. Dropping. When dropping a ball in relief situations (free or penalty) the ball is dropped from knee height. This change was new in 2019.

8. Care for the Course. Replace divots, fix ball marks on the putting green and rake the bunkers.

9. When in doubt ask a referee for help.