Tely Junior Golf Tour

Local Rules For All TJGT Events

  1. Players shall walk at all times. Use of a motorized cart is prohibited. Pull-carts are allowed.
  2. Use of a caddie is prohibited.
  3. The TJGT Local Rules are deemed to include the Code of Conduct listed under item 3 of the "Tour Rules" on the Web Site, (Dress Code and Abuse).
  4. All events consist of two stipulated rounds of nine holes each played consecutively. For players in the Bantam Boys and Bantam Girls Divisions, the Tour may declare that the stipulated round consists of any number of holes between 7 and 18 inclusive as long as all competitors in each division play the same holes.
  5. Events concluding with one or more players tied for any position remain as ties.
  6. By Rule 5.3a of the 2019 Golf Canada Rules of Golf, players must be present and ready to play at the time established by the Committee. Players arriving late but within 5 minutes of their scheduled starting time are assessed a two-stroke penalty applied to their first hole. Players arriving after 5 minutes are disqualified.
  7. In order to save time, players are encouraged to play a provisional ball for any ball that may be out of bounds or lost outside a water hazard. Referees may transport players who must return to a previous spot to re-hit.
  8. For a ball known to be in a penalty area, either play the ball or follow the relief procedures in Rule 17. A provisional ball may not be played for a ball known to be in a penalty area. Any such ball played becomes the ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance.
  9. When a group falls "out of position", for example as a result of searching for one or more balls, please make every effort to regain your position. A group may play "ready golf" when they fall out of position.