Twitter This is the official website of the Tely Junior Golf Tour. The Tour is for junior and pre-junior golfers between the ages of 10 and 18. There are five divisions: Junior Boys (16-18), Juvenile Boys (13-15), Bantam Boys (10-12), Junior Girls (14-18) and Bantam Girls (10-13). The division is determined by the player's age on August 31.

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To get involved, a player needs to do two things.  
  1. Click on "Registration" above to apply for membership in the Tour. This is done once each season and there is no fee. When your application has been accepted you will receive a Tour Player ID Number by email.
  2. Then you enter as many individual events as you wish from those listed on the "Schedule" page. Events are entered online using BlueGolf. Click on the link for the event you want on the schedule page.

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