I wish to enter the following event (fill in the table entries below).


Host Club

Event Date

Entry Deadline

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My 8-digit Tour Player ID Number is:______________________

I agree to adhere to the "Code of Conduct" statement listed in the Rules section on the Tour Web Site.

I have read the "Tour Policy on Event Entries" statement on the Tour Web Site and accept the following policy on Withdrawals, No-shows and Walk-ons.

"Withdrawals" from an event must notify the host club at least 5 days prior to the date of the tournament. After that date, players withdrawing may be liable for fees. "No-Shows" forfeit any paid fees. For a subsequent offence, a player risks exclusion from the Tour for the remainder of the season. "Walk-ons" are not accepted once the field for an event is full. If an event is not full and all wait-listed applicants have been accommodated, inclusion of walk-ons is at the discretion of the host club. The Tour does not encourage walk-ons.  Any walk-ons permitted must be Tour members.

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A cheque for the Entry Fee payable to the Host Club is enclosed

or charge






















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